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Merkle Science Unveils Transaction Split View, Watchlist Enhancements, and New Compass Dashboard

We are thrilled to announce several new features that enhance the capabilities of our crypto transaction investigation tool, 'Tracker', and the overall platform experience for our transaction monitoring tool 'Compass'. These updates are designed to improve precision, collaboration, and efficiency for our users. Here's a detailed look at what's new.

Merkle Science Introduces New Transaction Split View 

Our new Transaction Split View feature is designed to improve the precision and focus of your investigations. Available on all EVM and Tron blockchains, this feature will make all links between nodes unidirectional. Users can filter and split their transaction links on the board, allowing for a more detailed and relevant view of transactions. This targeted approach will help investigators identify and isolate significant transactions, providing a clearer and more streamlined investigative process.

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This new feature is part of our ongoing commitment to equip investigators with the most advanced tools for crypto transaction analysis. By leveraging the Transaction Split View, users can achieve more accurate and efficient results in their investigative efforts.

Impact on Existing Users

Existing users should be aware that when the Transaction Split View feature goes live on our demo and product platforms, it will affect all current boards supporting EVM + Tron blockchains. Specifically, the following changes will occur:

  1. Conversion to Unidirectional Links: All existing links on these boards will be converted to unidirectional links. This transformation will update their values to align with the new unidirectional structure.
  2. Preservation of Annotations: Any annotations currently present on links will be preserved and copied over to the additional link created during the conversion process.

These updates aim to enhance the clarity and precision of your transaction investigations, ensuring a smoother transition to the new feature.

Transaction Split View Merkle Science Tracker


The Transaction Split View is a game-changing feature that empowers users to conduct more thorough and effective crypto transaction investigations, ultimately leading to better outcomes and more efficient workflows. For more information or to see a live demonstration of these features, please contact our support team.

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Enhancements to the Watchlist Feature

Tracker watchlist Merkle Science










We have implemented significant improvements to our watchlist feature. In addition to reducing lag time for faster performance, we've introduced a new panel on the login landing page titled "Shared with Me." This enhancement allows users to easily track addresses monitored by others and shared with them, providing better collaboration and oversight.


Introducing the New Compass Dashboard

new Compass Dashboard Merkle Science






We're excited to announce the launch of our new Compass Dashboard. This dashboard provides a more intuitive and streamlined user experience, allowing you to easily access and manage all your data in one place. With enhanced navigation, customizable views, and comprehensive analytics, the new Compass Dashboard is designed to help you make more informed decisions with greater efficiency.

Key highlights of the new dashboard:

  • Alerts Revamp: Redesigned alert system for quicker, more efficient notifications.
  • Behavioral Rules: Advanced rules to better monitor and respond to user behavior.
  • Teams Settings: Enhanced settings for better team management and collaboration.
  • Rule Engine Revamp: Improved rule engine for more accurate and flexible rule creation.
  • Custom Tags: Ability to create and use custom tags for better organization and tracking.


Merkle Science continues to innovate, providing industry-leading tools and features designed to enhance the capabilities of compliance professionals and investigators. These new updates are set to improve the accuracy and efficiency of digital asset monitoring and investigation, ensuring our users stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of crypto compliance.

To experience Merkle Science's tools firsthand or get more detailed information, contact us for a live demonstration