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Next Generation Digital Asset Custody Solution Atato Enhances Its Crypto Crime Prevention Capabilities with Merkle Science

Singapore - 19 August 2022: Merkle Science, the predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform has today announced its partnership with Atato, a licensed digital asset custodian offering that provides corporates and institutions with multi-party computation (MPC) custodial solutions. This collaboration will empower Atato to deliver more innovative, secure, and compliant crypto custody solutions. 

Atato is headquartered in Singapore with clients and operations throughout South-East Asia. The digital asset custody provider offers a range of custody solutions that simplify crypto safe-keeping and provide the next-generation infrastructure to enable the next 100 million cryptocurrencies users. 

Atato will be leveraging Compass, the behavior-based blockchain transaction monitoring and reporting solution from Merkle Science,  to enhance the security of its users' wallets. The collaboration will empower Atato to identify and prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as comply with local and global financial regulations.

“In an environment where crypto criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and regulators are taking an enforcement-first approach, blockchain service providers need next generation solutions,” says Merkle Science CEO Mriganka Pattnaik. “Our partnership with Atato aligns perfectly with our mission to create the infrastructure to enable crypto’s safe and healthy growth.”

“As a licensed and regulated crypto custodian offering online sign-up and bring your own token feature we must ensure that we offer a solution to prevent any illegal activities involving cryptocurrencies,” says Atato’s co-founder and Head of Partnerships Maxime Paul.  “Partnering with Merkle Science by leveraging Compass will allow our clients to fully comply with local regulations while ensuring the safe keeping of their assets .”